Biochemtex Agro

BIOCHEMTEX AGRO is a part of the Mossi Ghisolfi Group, which deals entirely with the supply of biomass. Its main operation is the support of Proesa™ clients dealing with issues of supply, as well as developing and running agro-industrial projects for the Group.

After four years of studies, agronomics and biomass management, Biochemtex Agro has the competence to ensure optimal feedstock strategy for any specific project, define the best agronomic practices, set up and manage field trials operations, support and implement biomass sourcing strategies.
Biochemtex Agro gives support to clients covering the relevant supply chain issues:

  • Asset Control. Securing land rights, biomass purchasing agreements and logistics.
  • Operational management. Dedicated planning and control systems to manage extensive and dispersed agricultural operations.
  • Agronomics decisions. Assessment of biomass availability (dedicated crops, agricultural residues) and selection of the optimal biomass mix for the requirements of the Proesa™ technology in a given geographic region.
  • Implementation. Optimisation of costs and timing for a dedicated crop, and management of the biomass availability gap between bio-refinery startup and full production plantation.

Biochemtex Agro Srl

Head Office:
Strada Ribrocca 11,
15057 Tortona AL

Operational Head Quarter:
Via Piemonte 126,
13046 Livorno Ferraris (VC)