Vision and Strategy

Renewable raw materials and sustainable chemistry are target markets for Biochemtex. The Mossi Ghisolfi Group decided to invest in this direction to diversify its production and grow as an industrial player. Biochemtex is one of the world leaders in research and application of technologies offering an alternative to the use of fossil based feedstocks, in particular for transportation and chemicals.
The past century witnessed the transition from coal to oil, with great benefits (and some drawbacks) to the quality of life of millions of people. Today, new technologies, such as those generated within Biochemtex, enable innovative solutions, based on non-food biomass, to exist alongside petroleum, overcoming the inherent limitations of fossil-based derivatives, and without upsetting the food chain.
In this context, sustainable development translates into an opportunity to challenge the market, and affirm acquired innovation competencies, in other words transforming ideas and intuitions into successful existing applications. This can only be done through continuous interaction between market opportunities and growth of technological knowhow.
The concept of innovation has always been at the core of our company philosophy and today represents one of the areas in which we are able to offer the highest competitive advantage.
Roughly 15% of our turnover is reinvested into R&D; for improvement of already-patented processes and development of new ones, spurred by a continuous exchange of technological know-how between industry research, and Universities both national and international.
We are at the dawn of a brand new era: the green revolution, and Biochemtex is the motor.