Complete project engineering solutions for the biochemical industry:
With Proesa ™ you can.
Biochemtex ExpertiseBiochemtex is the one and only engineering firm entitled to build cellulosic ethanol plants powered by PROESA™ technology, of which Beta Renewables is the exclusive licensor. Biochemtex also supplies complete project solutions for large scale production of biofuels and biochemicals (...)
Our VisionThe past century witnessed the transition from coal to oil, with great benefits (and some drawbacks) to the quality of life of millions of people. Today, new technologies, such as those generated within Biochemtex, enable innovative solutions (...)
PROESA™ and Our Challenge:With a total investment exceeding 150M€ and over 7 years dedicated to research and development within the R&D center of Rivalta Scrivia in Italy, Biochemtex created Proesa™, a so-called “second generation” technology, which unlocks access to the fermentable (...)

In Guido’s memory

This section of the website is a collection of testimonies and initiatives to honour the memory of and to let the people know who Guido Ghisolfi was. The purpose is neither to celebrate him – he would never have allowed – nor become his biography. On the other hand to collect ideas, thoughts, pictures of people that in different ways want to honour his memory.

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