Modugno (IT)

The R&D; center in Modugno (BA) will focus on improvement of catalytic processes for lignin valorization, modeling and design studies, research on chemical building blocks for polymers, and investigation on novel green fuels such as jet fuel and naval fuel.

Once completed, the center will employ about 50 people and will cover a surface area of about 13000m2, divided into:

Labs will be organized into different specialty sections: one dedicated to biomass, one to catalysis and chemical reactions, and one to analytical chemistry, applied to the products generated from these innovative pathways.
Significant attention will be given to process modeling and, through the use of pilot units, to scaling-up of such experimental processes.

The semi-industrial size Demo plant will process the raw material (lignin cake) coming from the Crescentino (VC) industrial facility, where 2nd generation bioethanol is produced using Proesa™ technology. Commercial scale up will then be the next step.
The construction of the Modugno R&D; center has partially been financed by Regione Puglia, who approved the project in March 2012.

Further information can be sourced from the Regione Puglia website: