For environmental and safety considerations, a “bio” route to the production of ethylene and its derivatives is gaining attention and momentum. Biochemtex offers project solutions for converting bio-ethanol to ethylene, ethylene oxide (EO) and/or mono-ethylene glycol (MEG).

Bio-ethylene offers a number of benefits including:

We successfully engineered, constructed and started-up one of the world’s most recent and modern ethanol dehydration plants to produce chemical grade bio-ethylene in Taiwan in 2012 on a lump-sum, EPC basis. The product from the plant is subsequently processed to bio-MEG using an existing downstream asset.
Where it may be possible to integrate an upstream ethanol plant with a downstream ethanol dehydration facility, additional and significant capex and opex savings opportunities may be realized. Chemtex with its process and technology expertise is uniquely qualified to identify and capture this benefit. Contact Biochemtex today for a solution to take the “petro” out of petrochemical and introduce the word Bio.